Long-standing expertise and a deep understanding of online advertising.

I began my foray into online advertising in 2012, establishing various profitable Facebook Fanpages like Fitnessmagnet and FitNFemale, which over the years has allowed me to gain deep insights into the world of online advertising. Collaborating with various marketing gurus and managing my own large-scale projects, I have developed in-depth knowledge of platforms such as Meta, Google, and TikTok as well as the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence. Today, after years of experience and ongoing training, I offer my services as a consultant or Ads Manager to help you maximize the reach and effectiveness of your online advertising.

I dove into the world of online advertising in 2012 when I launched the Fitnessmagnet Facebook fan page. During the peak phase of Facebook, when every post went organically viral, we used advertising to gain new fans. With over 700,000 real fans for Fitnessmagnet and 450,000 fans for FitNFemale, we achieved an impressive reach. The principle was simple: more followers meant more reach and therefore more revenue in the shop. This strategy worked brilliantly until 2017 when the organic reach of fan pages drastically declined.

We then turned to direct product advertising, which was more expensive but still lucrative. Throughout 2017, I worked with several marketing gurus and agencies to enhance our presence on Meta, Google, and TikTok. This endeavor resulted in a mix of successful experiences and learning moments. I didn't seek external support for lack of understanding the subject matter but because brand development demanded my full attention.

After working with five different gurus for over six years, I decided in 2023 to take back control over this area. This coincided with the rise of Artificial Intelligence, which had a significant impact on the field of online advertising. Meta, Google, and TikTok invest heavily in AI, leading their Ads Managers to become increasingly efficient. This doesn't mean that experience in placing ads becomes irrelevant – technical terms like ROAS, CPM, CTR, CTA, CPC, and CR remain essential, as is tracking (Pixel and CAPI), which is indispensable for successful online advertising.

Another crucial factor is the design of advertisements. Here, I was able to gather extensive experience, especially with the latest developments in the field of AI. With our own brands, we run ads in the high five-digit range every month. I look forward to supporting you in this area as a consultant or Ads Manager for Meta, Google, and TikTok.


What sets ZUBAI apart from Ads Marketing Agencies and Gurus

Real Practical Experience

While many marketing agencies and gurus base their services on theoretical knowledge, we look back on over a decade of concrete practical experience. We have experienced the developments in online marketing firsthand and know which strategies work in the real world.

Entrepreneurial Perspective

As entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges and needs companies have in the digital advertising world. We've walked the same path and use our knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions that are specifically aligned with your business goals.

Investments in our own advertising

Our faith in online advertising extends so far that we have spent over 1 million CHF on our own advertising campaigns. This investment not only shows our commitment but also our profound understanding of the dynamics and potentials of online advertising.

Leaders in AI and Online-Advertising

While many agencies are still exploring the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, we are already at the forefront. We utilize the latest AI technologies to create effective online advertising campaigns that deliver measurable results and drive your brand to success.

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FAQ Ads-management

I see great potential in sharing my knowledge and experience, helping others achieve similar successes. Additionally, it offers a new and exciting challenge to engage in different industries and business models.

The main reason is to maintain the discretion of our projects. Moreover, it's quite common that such information/screenshots are forged. Never trust an alleged screenshot. In personal conversations, however, we are happy to show concrete results directly in the Ads Manager Live.

The cost for support varies depending on the marketing channel and scope of advertising measures. I'd be glad to provide you with a non-binding offer tailored to your specific needs.

This depends on many factors, including the specific goals of your campaign, your budget, and the competition in your industry. As a rule, initial results can become visible after a few weeks to a few months.

Yes, we provide regular reports and analyses that give you a clear overview of your campaigns' performance. Plus, we are always open for discussions and feedback.

We cannot guarantee specific success as this depends on many factors beyond our control. However, we do guarantee that we will do our best to develop and implement effective strategies that align with your specific goals.

Yes, we have experience working with companies of various sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Each company has its unique challenges and goals, and we adapt our strategies accordingly.

Yes, flexibility is an essential aspect of our work. We understand that business goals and market conditions can change, and we are ready to adapt our strategies accordingly.

We take data protection and confidentiality very seriously. All information you provide us with will be strictly confidential and used solely for the purposes of your advertising campaign.

Simply contact us to arrange a non-binding consultation. We are excited to learn more about your business and your goals, and to see how we can assist you.

We are happy to answer any other questions directly in a conversation.