ZUBAI: The key to scaling in the world of digitalization

Over a decade of experience combined with perfect technology.


Running an online store seems like an easy task at first glance. Two decades ago, this DIY approach might have even worked. But in today's digital world, you are in direct competition with stores that make eight-figure turnovers and where every element has been carefully thought out and optimized through A/B testing. In addition, online advertising has reached a peak, which means that every paid visitor must convert optimally.


What sets us apart from other e-commerce partners

  • Benefit from over 15 years of e-commerce experience, including a decade with our own store generating thousands of orders per month.
  • Real-time KPI dashboard for deep insights into your business, including breakdown of variable costs, fixed costs share, advertising expenses, and much more.
  • Verlassen Sie sich auf unser Wissen über modernste Shop-Technologien und unsere Expertise in Mobile-First-Shops.
  • Scale your business with our multilingual, fully automated store solutions. New markets are just a click away.
  • Offer different products and prices depending on the location of your visitors.
  • Automated interfaces for seamless cooperation with your warehouse and shipping service providers.
  • Integrate personalized WhatsApp messages into your customer communication and thereby increase customer loyalty.
  • Boost repurchase rates through automated, individually designed follow-up messages to your customers.
  • Use our proven processes for continuous A/B testing to measure and optimize the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
  • Leverage our experience in data-based tracking of visitor behavior to align your store with customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Essential building blocks for your eCommerce success

Niche potential and quality products

Discover new business areas by focusing on high-quality niche products. Uniqueness and value make your items unmistakable and desirable.

Excellent shop system

A responsive, user-friendly online shop system with a variety of payment options and personalized customer communication tools creates trust and promotes sales.

Reliable customer service and fast delivery

Excellent customer service and prompt delivery ensure high customer satisfaction and loyal customers. Your customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Data analysis for scaling

A real-time data cockpit that takes into account revenues, fixed costs, percentage costs, and COGs is indispensable for successfully scaling your business and maintaining an overview.

Effective social media advertising

Specific, high-quality product images and videos with compelling hook elements on the appropriate social media channels attract customers and increase traffic to your website.

Effective multichannel product feeds

Well-designed product feeds for multichannel platforms like Google Shopping increase the reach of your products and improve your visibility in the digital market.